Das ideale Sparkonzept spürt man nur an der Stromrechnung – sonst nicht!

SICOTRONIC has been developing and selling systems for optimizing energy consumption in buildings since 1982, in which the electricity price is billed according to a special contract, consisting of labor and power prices, or in those which must be limited to a minimum due to the feed-in!

The effective way to reduce energy costs

All electrothermal devices in canteen kitchens, bakeries, ventilation and refrigeration systems, laundries or electroplating companies have an energy storage capacity with considerable savings potential: depending on the use case and application, the power peaks can be reduced by 20 to 40% and thus the total electricity costs between 5 and 25%!

The acquisition and control strategy based on SICOTRONIC´s own European patent no. 0053383 ensures drastic savings in the performance price, guaranteed without impairing production.

Wir nutzen zu 100% die a,b,c,d- Klemmen (ca.35 Jahre als "SICOTRONIC-Schnittstelle bekannt) nach DIN 18875

The solution for your future challenges in the commercial kitchen

Müssen Sie Ihre gewerbliche Küche von Gas auf Elektro umstellen?
Sie haben nicht die benötigte Anschlussleistung?
Ihr Elektriker sagt: "Das wird nicht funktionieren"
Wir haben die Lösung!

With SICOTRONIC you get a proven solution for an efficient, sustainable, electrically operated commercial kitchen.

We cut your power peaks and reduce your electricity bill without affecting production

An example: In a large kitchen with 12 medium-sized electrothermal devices and 3 continuous electricity consumers, the average annual electricity consumption is 225,000 kWh and the average peak power is approx. 150 kW. By installing the energy management system SICOTRONIC , the power peak is reduced by approx. 35% to below 100 kW and the annual consumption is reduced by approx. 5%. Overall, the electricity costs are reduced by approx. 8,500 EUR or by approx. 20%. The investment, including the installation costs, pays for itself in less than 2 years - after that you save the amount mentioned annually!