SICOTRONIC 1010: The little brother of the successful 4000/5000 models

Our cost-effective and powerful energy optimization system


LON display and adjustment module ABM1010:

The kitchen optimization system 1010 consists of the display and operating module ABM and up to eighteen electrothermal and eight general-electrical circuits with a kitchen-specific control program.

Thanks to LON-BUS technology (FTT10), all modules can also be installed up to 600 m away from the display unit. EAM-N and REL-N can be stacked using a concealed BUS power connector, can be completely DIN-rail mounted and are therefore inexpensive and easy to install.

The display and control unit has an interactive, convenient menu navigation using 6 buttons and a graphic LC display with 120x32 pixels. The power measurement in the infeed takes place either via current transformers and two-wire LON-BUS transmitters (MUGMCLON) or via quantity impulses (EAM-IMP).

Item code: ABM-1010N

Module variants

  • EAM-N module for two electrothermal circuits
  • REL-N module for two general electrical circuits
  • EAM-IMP module for decentralized power measurement via quantity pulse
  • Multi-function transmitter MUGMCLON for signed measurement of power (kW), consumption (kWh) and phase currents (I1, I2, I3 in A) via current transformers
Thermal consumers

Just like every cook, the ABM1010 monitors the thermostat status (and, of course, the on / off status of the device switch) when the devices are switched on and counts the number of operating seconds that have elapsed individually and currently. Heating phase, continued cooking phase, loaded and unloaded thermostat play are reliably recognized and evaluated.

To avoid production disruptions for individual devices, the switch-off periods are computer-controlled and automatically reduced to a minimum depending on the load ratio, device type, current use and production phase and thermostat play.

Item code: EAM-N


The conventional manual control can be replaced by an intelligent, automatic step control to reduce the power consumption of kitchen ventilation and larger extractor hoods automatically reduced to a minimum.

Depending on the number of devices switched on, the ventilation is switched to the individually required supply and exhaust air volume – this saves up to 25% electricity and reduces the costs for preheating.

Item code: REL-N

    LON quantity pulse measuring module

    The LON module EAM-IMP measures the volume impulses of the power supply company and calculates the power in kWh. This value is transferred to the ABM. The pulse module has SO interfaces (quantity pulse, tariff switching) on ​​a 5 volt basis.

    Item code: EAM-IMP

    LON active power transmitter

    The MUGMCLON multifunction measurement converter measures the three phase currents and the three associated phase voltages. It determines the power supply P in kW and provides this to the LON network, as well as the three measured phase currents in A. The currents are displayed negative or positive according to the through-flow direction, which can be an installation test or phase failure monitoring.

    Item code: MUGMCLON