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The Centralunit

The electronic control system consists of a central unit and up to 70, also distributed distributed 2-channel input and output modules (EAM) with application-specific functions.

All EAMs are LON-FTT10-compatible and are supplied with data and voltage via the BUS line. By DIN rail mounting all modules can be inexpensively and easily mounted.

Temperatures are detected and monitored via further modules with 4 inputs for PT100 / 4-wire. Central unit 5000 for menu-guided visualization and operation of the energy management functions. Remote maintenance via LAN / WAN.

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The little brother of the success models 4000/5000

LON display and adjustment module ABM1010:
The kitchen optimization system 1010 consists of the display and adjustment module ABM and up to eighteen electrothermal and eight general-electrical circuits with a kitchen-specific control program.

Thanks to LON-BUS technology (FTT10), all modules can also be mounted up to 600 m away from the display unit. The ABM1010-N, EAM-N and REL-N can be stacked together using a concealed BUS power connector, fully DIN-rail mountable and thus cost-effective and easy to install.

The display and control unit has an interactive, comfortable menu navigation via 6 buttons and a graphic LC display with 120x32 pixels. The power measurement in the infeed is made either via current transformer and two-wire LON-BUS transmitter (MUGMCLON) or via quantity pulse (EAM-IMP).

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kitchen connect

Commercial kitchens are under high pressure of efficiency: the requirements for economic efficiency are rising steadily and cost pressure is increasing. Occupational safety regulations and ever new hygiene requirements also challenge the kitchen management. The growing shortage of skilled workers makes the situation no easier.

The digitization of commercial kitchens makes a significant contribution to making kitchen processes safer, simplifying repetitive work, automating the monotonous collection of operating and hygiene data and avoiding waste.

Kiconn offers individual solutions for load peak optimization, preventive maintenance, health data acquisition according to HACCP and process monitoring. The collection and processing of the data can be displayed either on site or in the cloud.

The chef can concentrate on the most important thing - prepare good food for his guests!