Intelligent and innovative energy management system


Central unit SICOTRONIC 5000

The electronic control system consists of a central unit with a touchscreen and up to 64, also decentrally distributed input and output modules (EAM) with application-specific functions. All EAMs are LON-FTT10-compatible and are supplied with data and voltage via the BUS line. All modules can be installed inexpensively and easily using top-hat rail mounting. Central unit 5000 for menu-guided visualization and operation of the energy management functions.

product name: ZE5000

Module variants

  • EAM-N module for two electrothermal circuits
  • REL-N module for two general electrical circuits
  • EAM-T4 / TD-Macs-PT100 module for temperature measurement using sensors
  • EAM-ECAR module for car charging station regulation
  • EAM-TAB32 module for displaying the device status using LEDs on the operations manager's panels
  • GW-ASL module for limit value switchover and output of alarms, malfunctions and ventilation totals
  • LSM-6 module for needs-based ventilation control, 6 outputs
  • EAM-IMP module for decentralized cost center recording via quantity impulse
  • Multi-function transmitter MUGMCLON for signed measurement of power (kW), consumption (kWh) and phase currents (I1, I2, I3 in A) via current transformers
Thermal consumers

Just like every cook, the SICOTRONIC central unit monitors the respective thermostat status (and of course the on and off status of the device switch) of switched on devices and counts the individually and currently elapsed operating seconds. The heating-up phase, continued boiling phase, loaded and unloaded thermostat cycle are reliably detected and evaluated. To avoid production disruptions in individual devices, the shutdown periods are computer-controlled and automatically reduced to a minimum, depending on the load ratio, device type, current usage and production phase and thermostat cycle.

product name: EAM-N

Ventilation systems

To reduce the power consumption of ventilation systems and larger extractor hoods, the conventional manual control can be replaced by an intelligent, automatic control. The ventilation is switched on depending on the switch-on message from the devices. The assignment is programmed on the ZE5000 and the outputs are controlled via the LSM-6 modules.

product name: LSM-6


This module is used in conjunction with the ZE5000 to inform compatible charging stations about the current available power. This power is distributed among the charging stations. The module outputs voltages of 2-10 volts, depending on the configuration in the system, a value in volts is a value in percent of the charging capacity of the column. The module is two-channel. A maximum of 1 module can be connected to the ZE5000.

product name: EAM-ECAR (since 01/2019)

    Temperature monitoring

    Freezer rooms larger than 10 m³ must be monitored and measured and logged every 15 minutes. This temperature monitoring of deep-freeze and cold storage rooms is recommended for food hygiene monitoring in accordance with HACCP or EN ISO 9000 in industrial kitchens. SICOTRONIC offers a two-wire BUS module for analog temperature measurement. 4x Pt100 sensors with 4-wire connection can be connected. All refrigerator and freezer rooms can be queried locally with this - an individually adjustable temperature limit monitors the correct refrigerator room temperature and sends an alarm message if the specified limit is exceeded or fallen below. The temperature curves dating back up to a year can be called up, displayed and historically selected on the graphic display of the central unit by pressing a button.

    product name: EAM-T4

    Kitchen panels

    Without the complete laying of reporting or signaling lines from the device to the on-site display unit or the potential-free additional device contacts, powerful kitchen control panels can be connected to the central unit 5000 via just one two-wire line. The kitchen manager's panel signals the on and off status of all electrothermal devices - the chef always has an eye on which devices are currently in use or whether a device is inadvertently switched on when going home. For this purpose, SICOTRONIC supplies a panel decoder board that can be integrated into every kitchen ladder panel, which decodes the BUS data (switch-on and switch-off states) and converts them into LED signals. On request, an individual anodized tableau with a black floor plan can be delivered ready for surface or flush mounting. Two separate LEDs signal a pending alarm or fault message.
    Alternatively, an electronic version of the panel is available. The S5Remote remote maintenance software can be used to read the floor plan of any kitchen onto the PC screen using an image file. Freely placeable light fields show the status of the respective kitchen appliance in color in the picture.

    product name: EAM-TAB

      SO volume pulse measuring module

      The LON network technology enables numerous consumptions, including non-electrical ones, to be recorded, read out remotely and visualized. For this purpose, SICOTRONIC offers the EAM-IMP module, which operates and queries the widespread and standardized SO interfaces. All types of consumption or flow rates can be measured, be it gas, water, electricity, air etc. The measured value is stored in the module as a cumulative sum as well as in the central unit 5000 . B. be reset at the end of the month.

      product name: EAM-IMP (replaces EAM-IMP3)

      LON multifunction transducer

      The LON multi-function transmitter measures the respective phase currents on a three-phase feed and thus determines the total output. Of course, the phase currents can also be transmitted in addition to the active power. The special sophistication: the LON multi-function transmitter has a contact for high / low temperature switchover. The installer does not need any further cables or wires to the central unit.
      Another application: e.g. B. with two or more infeeds to be monitored, if the measuring points are greater than approx. 50 to 100 m away, conventional total current measurement is no longer possible, since the current transformers would falsify the measurement result due to the cable power loss. Local sub-distribution measuring points are set up using LON network technology with intelligent measuring transducers from SICOTRONIC and the digital transmission of measured values and summation is carried out via the LON network - this means there is no need to install summation current transformers. Up to 5 measurements are summed up in the ZE5000 and optimized on this basis.

      product name: MUGMCLON (replaces MU400LON)